About us

Laboratories were constructed with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic within the Research and Development Operational Program for the project “University Science Park of STU Bratislava”, ITMS 26240220084, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund from year 2013. Our research activities started in 2015.

We are involved in analysis of micro/nanostructures and systems for micro/nanoelectronic applications, sensors, photonics, electronics, medicine, geology, material engineering and environment. Analysis of interfaces is possible at subangström level. Our devices provide a possibility to examine:

  • chemical composition of materials
  • structure, defects, and crystallographic orientation
  • surface contamination
  • 3D morphology of objects in microscale/nanoscale
  • examination of interfaces of materials
  • depth concentration profiles

At present, the Centre deals with:

  • Research of interaction in bulk and 2D carbon materials
  • Research of 2D materials – dry transfer with minimal contamination, electron spectroscopy of low dimensional materials, spectral differences in 2D and bulk materials, introduction of defects into 2D materials and their spectroscopic signature
MoS2 picture from SEM
MoS2 picture from optical microscope

We offer an opportunity for the students interested in our research topics to join our team within internship program Erasmus+.