FIB-SEM Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with FIB-SEM system Thermo Scientific Scios 2 DualBeam. Microscope combines scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with focused ion beam (FIB). The device consists of an electron column with Schottky emission gun, a Ga+ ion column, the nanomanipulator, GIS and EDS detector. System is built for high resolution material analysis, including magnetic and nonconductive samples.

Main capabilities of the system are: image analysis (SEM) by using different electron detectors, EDS – energy disperse spectroscopy for material analysis and TEM sample preparation.

Sample observation

Electron detectors:

  • Everhart-Thornley secondary electron in chamber detector (ETD)
  • In-column and in-lens detectors (T1 segmented lower detector, T2 upper detector)
  • Low-vacuum electron detector
  • Retractable low-voltage segmented backscattered electron detector (DBS)
  • Retractable STEM detector

Stage and sample>

  • XY range: 110 mm
  • Z range: 65 mm
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Tilt range: -15° to +90°
  • Max sample height: Clearance 85 mm
  • Max sample size: 110 mm
Secondary electron image of SWCNTs (singlewalled carbon nanotubes).
Secondary electron image of MoS2 layers deposited by exfoliation on gold nanoparticles. The deposited layers are partially transparent for the nanoparticles.