Influence of GaN/AlGaN/GaN (0001) and Si (100) substrates on structural properties of extremely thin MoS2 films grown by pulsed laser deposition

Š. Chromik, M. Sojková, V. Vretenár, A. Rosová, E. Dobročka, M. Hulman


Very thin MoS2 films were prepared on hexagonal GaN/AlGaN/GaN (0001) and Si (100) substrates from a stoichiometric target by a pulsed laser deposition. Combined results from Raman and X-ray reflectivity measurements have shown that the thinnest samples are 2–2.5nm thick. The thickness increases with the number of laser pulses applied albeit no simple direct proportion between the two quantities has been observed. Concerning the stoichiometry, the distribution of Mo and S elements within as-deposited films is rather complex. The stoichiometric MoS2 is making-up only a part of the film. In spite of this, selected area electron diffraction studies have clearly confirmed that the films deposited on Si (100) are nanocrystalline and oriented perpendicularly to the substrate surface while an epitaxial growth of MoS2 films was observed on GaN/AlGaN/GaN (0001) substrates.