Application of MXene for remediation of low-level radioactive aqueous solutions contaminated with 133Ba and 137Cs

Vipul Vilas Kusumkar, Shalu Atri, Süleyman İnan, Maros Gregor, Tomas Roch, Hryhorii Makarov, Maria Caplovicova, Michal Galambos, Eva Viglasova, Gustav Plesch and Olivier Monfort

In: Chem. Commun., 2023,59, 12007-12010


MXene is an innovative multilayered material that has been prepared by an acid-salt (HCl + NH4F) etching route and tested for the removal of 133Ba and 137Cs in radioactive conditions for the first time. MXene has exhibited high uptake capacity of about 154.9 and 121.5 mg g−1 for 133Ba and 137Cs, respectively, in 0.01 mol L−1 solution and using 5 g L−1 of adsorbent at natural pH.